Packing & Warehousing

Providing warehouse storage services

We have a space for storing your products in our warehouse. To wait for action before export and import Which is convenient and safe for the product with standard.

Providing product care services by packing goods before sending

Bullet International Logistics (Thailand) offers a variety of packaging services. Including fine paper boxes, solid wooden crates, airy crates and wooden pallets and plastic By considering the safety of your products in the selection of packing before shipping.

 Packing selection for importing and exporting should be considered based on the suitability of each product because some products may require Packing to prevent damage that is more than other products such as products that are at risk of breakage during transportation.

Type of Packing



Carton is a packing that is lightweight, low-cost, shaped, smooth, arranged and can move easily .Although using human labor is suitable for products that do not need to prevent fracture. And lightweight Or can be used as a primary packaging with wooden crates or wooden pallets.


Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet is generally used for storage, stacking and in-premise movement of materials. This is basically a base made in the form of either solid or a crate type to facilitate fork lifting and helps accumulate the small packages into one.


Wooden Crate

Wooden Crate is mainly find application for optimizing packaging costs of solid, sturdy and heavy items usually transported in exclusive and bulk consignments. They are made up of reapers placed at required gaps to suit the weight and dimensions of the product. Wooden Create is strong and tolerate for high impact. The weight of Crate is heavier than Case. The solid wall can prevent damage from piecing by external objects. The wooden case is suitable for products required higher projection from damages.


Wooden Case

Wooden Case is generally used for packing any kind of product to ensure maximum safety from transportation and handling damages. These are more commonly used to pack small and multiple items together in a single case and thereby reduce the risk of pilferage. Wooden case is strong but less than Crete. It can carry heavy weight, but less damage is prevented. The airy wall is just a wooden frame. It cannot prevent piercing by external objects. The wooden Case is suitable for heavy weight products and products made of metal such as machinery.


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