Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance Service

Customs clearance service for importing or exporting To support the operations of the Customs Department We have a good relationship with the staff. Able to operate quickly, efficiently Correct and manage your products correctly according to the Customs Department.

Problems in the difficulty of customs clearance Will be easy when customers export or import products with Bullet International Logistics (Thailand). We are ready to give advice and how to do it right way. In order to accomplish your work well.

Import Customs Clearance

When the product reaches the destination country ,Importers are required to submit documents for importing goods and importer names to the customs authorities of that country, Products to be imported will not be imported legally. Until the product is delivered to the destination port With permission from the customs authorities of that country And import tax has been paid only Which the importer is responsible for preparing documents for the customs authorities to inspect and take the goods out of the port or destination airport.

For products that need to be imported to Thailand, whether by aircraft, by ship, or by truck, Bullet International Logistics (Thailand) offers clearance services, clearing taxes and duties and representing you in issuing products. Ready to advise you on taxes and import duties for all types of products, Help you to clear the product Whether it is branded goods, products that are attached to TIS, TISI, ASO or various import licenses Toys, electronics Cosmetics, watches, auto parts and motorcycles etc.

Documents used in the appraisal of product clearance Basic Thai tax and import duties ;

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. BL / AWB (In case of products already arrived must be used for customs clearance)

Export Customs Clearance

Products exported from Thailand Have to go through customs clearance Which is reported to the customs authorities that What products are available? Who is the exporter? And where to send Every shipment We will prepare the documents for the destination customs clearance for customers as follows:

By Sea : Invoice+Packing List + Bill of Lading (B/L)

By Air : Invoice+Packing List + Air Way Bill(AWB)

We are also able to provide you the below additional required documents in accordance with the requirement of Customs of each country such as ;

*Fumigation Certificate: for wooden commodities & wooden packages, and for all kinds of plant products to destroy all kinds of pests and prevent fungus that may occur during shipping. Therefore, the fumigation is a good preventive action.

*Certificate of Origin (C/O) showing the origin of the product for the textile or fabric export to EU. It is also useful to obtain special tariff privileges.

* Phytosanitary Certificate : For agricultural products such as trees and for wooden products To import the Peopleˈs Republic of China.

* ISF Filing Form for USA: For every export shipment to United State of America by ship.

* AFR Filing From for Japan : For every export shipment to Japan by ship.

* Other documents may be required by the Customs of each country.


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