About Us

Bullet International Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

It was founded in 2009 as a Thai peopleˈs Company. With professional team work is reliable and affordable and under Thailand’s culture. We are understood in international business sense as well.

With years of experience working in International logistics directly. As we work in this particular field with work fast and understand the issue of export and import. Able to meet customer’s satisfaction. And impressive service whether itˈs a product or collecting package from your doorstep or the shop , including pack your shipment or in the safety condition.

Documenting process such as COMERCIAL INVOICE and certificates of origin (C / O) to facilitate the delivery. With products care or your shipment in the highest security.

Business policy

The main objective is to establish business relationships with small, medium in long term services. With mutual trust and focus on the best possible service of shipping and international express shipments.

With the delivery by aircraft to in front of a customerˈs house. And delivery by sea if the product has a lot to save the shipping cost. The service is fast and the process of shipping your product, we can manage and deliver your goods to the consignee at the destination safely and confidently, and take care from origin to destination.


With working experience in the international shipping directly more than 20 years in Air & Sea freight shipping such as deliver documents and express parcel and our shipment has been sent to over 200 countries around the world. An honesty working as the core of the business running. Coupled with good service and understanding of shipping step.

Customer no need to do anything as the packing process, including important documents, Issue an COMERCIAL INVOICE in some cases required, or a certificate of origin (C / O) ,We will be the management and operation of shipping. The door to the destination safely. We have gained the trust of many customers. Who has been our customer? The individual or company, the customer always comes.


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